Santa Living

Barcelona, Spain

Home textiles inspired by the Mediterranean with a sustainable mindset.

Our mission is to create a bond between our home and the landscapes from where we come from. Our textiles are a materialization of this bond, designed to make you feel at home wherever you are.

Our bedding designs are based on visual expressions that draw inspiration from the natural treasures that we have found over time in the very special place where we come from, the northern Catalan coast of L’Empordà. This region is embraced by the Mediterranean Sea, caressed by the winds of the Tramontana and distinguished by a rich exchange of cultures.

“ Live Slow - Rest Better. ”

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    Our entire collection is made of natural fibers of organic cotton woven in a percale quality. It is organic because it has been grown from non-genetically modified crops, without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, and using less water than conventional cotton.


    Our products are produced in Guimarães, Portugal. Virgin cotton arrives to the same place where it is spun, woven and transformed into the final products. Every step takes place under the same roof, reducing the carbon footprint of our products and ensuring that the highest quality is maintained in every step of the process.


    Our bedding is made from organic cotton percale fabrics. This means that the fabrics are woven in a crisp: an airy plain weave with a 200-thread count (TC). Our bedding will remain soft and crisp over time, ensuring a cool and airy skin feel during your sleep. Every product is designed and produced with care so that it feels good, lasts for a long time and ages beautifully, just like our own skin.