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Dear customer, 
We all know that: Handmade products take time!
Since the beginning of TA-DAAN, we’ve put all our heart and effort in promoting contemporary craftsmanship and the cool crafters behind the beautiful product we share.
So we DO know that high-quality, unique, handmade items take time and dedication.
We DO love that craftsmanship is ethical and sustainable in itself, products are crafted with kindness and care, avoiding waste, over consumption and over-production. [Learn more here]
It’s a completely different approach to production and we’ve decided to embrace it! On the TA-DAAN shop you’re going to find a selection of stunning crafted products that could be whether “in stock” or “to be crafted”.

In stock

The crafters in the TA-DAAN selection have prepared a small stock of products, made for you with love and care. These products are ready to be shipped as soon as we received your order, but the quantity is very limited, so if you fall in love with one of the products, make sure to place the order straight away! 

To be crafted

Once the small stock runs out of pieces we still got you covered! Our artisans will prepare the order just for you…but of course this will take a bit more time and patience. We’re going to keep you posted on the whole production process, while you wait for your handmade good to be ready. Some products may take more time and effort than others, in those case, products are “to be crafted” only and will be made exclusively for you once you place the order. 

If you have questions about the products, or want to know more about the production time, just drop us a line at 

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