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Swell Beach Towel

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Crafted in Spain

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Premium beach towel made of 100% organic cotton by Tucca.
Fix your towel into the sand and forget about the wind...
Underside woven with terry and the top side finished in terry velour as a result the towels are softer and lighter.

Swell Premium Beach Towel comes with:

  • 1 waterproof hidden pocket; 
  • 4 Tucca pins to fix the towel into the sand and to connect it with other Tuccas;
  • 1 little bag made from 100% recycled plastic bottles to store the Tucca pins is included in the packaging. 






100 cm L x 180 cm W
Weight 900 g

Care and Maintenance

- Machine-washable (recommended cold wash - max. 30/40º)
- Please take special care with sharp-edged surfaces or objects like watches, jewelry, etc. They may damage the fabric and its piles and cause pulled threads. In this case please just cut them off
- Line dry after use or in a dryer. Can be ironed at low – medium temperatures
- Do not use bleach as it may cause damage to the colors;
- Do not dry clean
- After use, we recommend cleaning the pins so that they are sand-free


Organic cotton, terry (underside), terry velour (top side)

Pin bag
100% Recycled plastic bottles


Local textile manufacturing


Products are sent between 2 working days (when in stock) and 2 weeks (if made to order)

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