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Officine 904

Lettera Bag

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Crafted in Italy

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Made from soft calf leather, contrasted by black leather for the wrist and the shoulder strap. The red zip is brushed metal, creating our signature contrast with the colour of the leather. The name of this piece is reminiscent of the shape of a letter. Practical and versatile, it can be used in three different ways: handheld, utilizing the cavity on either side of the bag, dangled from the wrist, or cross-body using the shoulder strap when you prefer to be hands-free.





28 cm L x 5 cm W x 13 cm H

Weight 200 g

Care and Maintenance

- In case of scratches, you can use a specific lotion for scratches or just apply a neutral body cream made with Eucerit (as “Nivea Cream”) with some cotton;
- In case of dirt, you can use a specific lotion or a normal basic make-up cleanser by applying it very gently to the stain with some cotton;
- Be aware that oil, ink, coffee or other tough stains will be impossible to remove;
- Be careful when you wear dark blue indigo jeans, the pants can stain the leather;
- In case of rain, you might see spots on the leather at first but then it dries and completely disappears;
- Remember that leather doesn't need to be treated with any particular spray or specific creams before using it.




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