Clarina Ceramics founder


    We had the pleasure to interview Clara Gutiérrez: founder of ceramic brand Clarina Ceramic.

    Clarina is an art historian. After working for several years in galleries, she decided to sign up for ceramics classes to give it a try. 

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    Don Fisher founder and designer


    Here you can find out more about Don Fisher and the cute Bonitost hey produce. We had a chat with Julia, the founder, and Lorena! Read up 💬👇

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    Azar Studio founder


    After working more than 10 years in the fashion industry, Sara decided to walk a new path, where creative passion and ethics don’t exclude one each other, but grow together instead.

    We had a chat with Sara about the future of sustainable fashion, read up too see what it came out  👇👜🌱

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    Biancodichina founder


    Alice’s work is driven by the curiosity; she loves to manipulate porcelain to its limits, reaching unexpected results. She creates objects whose shapes, transparency and finish make us doubt about their real consistency or even the materials they are made of. Biancodichina works encompass objects, furniture and lighting.

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    Les Izmoor founder


    Having worked in the digital communication for luxury brands, Inès understood that the entire Fashion system (not only the cheapest fast fashion brands) had a problem, especially in terms of production: too many pieces, designs and collections every season.

    Starting from a discomfort towards the system, Inès took on a new challenge in 2020: starting her own brand “Les Izmoor”

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    Marmolove founder


    Carrara marble is considered one of the most precious natural stones for its peculiar way of reflecting light, as well as its inalterability over time. Born into a family of stonemasons, Valentina decided to carry on the activity initially undertaken by her great-grandfather in 1913. We invited Valentina to tell us more about where her passion comes from and what values Marmolove communicates.

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    Curame founder


    "When I touched leather for the first time and made my first artifact, I knew I had found my medium, it was love at first touch."
    Shanti Ganesha founded Curame – her artisanal leatherworks brand – in 2020, after graduating from the Art School of Venice and years of traveling in the search of cultures.

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    Giulia Tamburini


    Soon after discovering her passion for goldsmithing, she run to the school of goldsmiths in Florence and then kept learning working at the Anaconda jewelry store in Milan.
    In 2010 she launched her own brand. Since 2020, her brother Francesco is helping in the business.

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